has been offline for a few months already, because managing the Codelink Game Server takes up a lot of my time. I have the Codelink server running itself now, so I decided to restore the TTG website. Honestly, I was bored, and it only took me about 25mins or so to install the backup.

Over the next few weeks I will be tweaking the Website and Server bit by bit, so I can get the site running just right. I might reinstall the IRC Server too, so instead of using a Shoutbox on the site, the site will use a Web IRC Client that connects to the TTG IRC Server. I don't know for sure yet though, I do have another fresh Dedicated Server that isn't being used right now. So I could install the IRC Server on that box, so it doesn't take up resources on the Web Server box.

For some strange reason the file upload manager isn't working, so users cannot upload files or images/avatars right now. I am working on a fix though. This is just a heads up.