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    "No Status..."

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    Apr 2016
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    It seems there is currently a problem with saving the game to the server. I have for the past few days been trying to play, saving often, but it's not apparently getting to the server.

    This is becoming a problem. In trying to get back into this game, I have tried to install four times now the Rank 10 Power Supply, save the game, get told its happened, but come back and I've been reset to a previous time in which no or little software has been saved.

    This like "Local Files" are not being saved and means that things like Server Scans are not possible without first making the same files over and over again. While I could use an external source for this, this seems like a form of cheating.

    Sometimes (3 out of 15) I may get the message, cannot connect to server. Is there a way I can help connection, forcing it to save/update to the server etc?

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    "Finishing up the final touches on TTG"

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    I am looking into the problem now.

    I think it has something to do with the actual internet connection to the Codelink Dedicated Servers, they seem to update in the middle of the night and restart. So if anyone is playing the game at the time, there may be some saving issues.

    No matter what it is, I will find it and fix it. Sorry about the problems on the server.

    Please don't PM me your support questions, Post your question on the forum.

    Check out Codelink V2 -
    Official CodelinkV2 Website

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